Self Esteem #74: I made my own fitted bedsheet! I used the tutorial here and it doesn’t look awesome, but it’s much more functional than the flat sheet it used to be! 

I’ve challenged myself to write one positive thing about myself everyday for one year.

Self Esteem #45: Even though I was busy, I made time for something I love: remixing clothes! I took some 8 year old light wash flare jeans that I wasn’t really going to wear again and I used them to try out a tutorial I had posted here on cut off jean shorts with ombre. They didn’t come out exactly how I wanted, but I’m glad I tried it out so I can do it better next time :-D Here are photos!



Maybe I’ll try these next!

Interesting tutorial! The narrator has a fun “writing style” as well :-D

This dress is TOO CUTE. Obviously the tutorial is for children, and I wouldn’t want the felt circles on it, but I’m sure it can be remixed for adults :-)

You never know when you might need one of these and they could be a great gift :-)

This looks cute and pretty easy :-) I’d like to try this for the summer time :-)

This is a tutorial I might like to try someday

This tutorial shows how to fuse plastic shopping bags together to make a new sturdy reusable grocery tote bag. I tried this a couple months ago and I had trouble with fusing the plastic, but I’d like to try this again. However, it might be a while since Maryland law doesn’t give plastic bags out for free anymore. Just as well I suppose :-) 

Another interesting tutorial I’d like to try someday!

I’d like to follow this tutorial and remix a tshirt like this for spring :-D