Self Esteem #123:

I made a great cup of coffee :3 I like it with a good spoonful of sugar and a liberal splash of half and half. A long time ago I had no clue how to make coffee or use a coffee maker. Recently, I realized you could just wrap from coffee ground in a filter and put it in a cup of hot water, like how you’d brew tea. Which makes me think that I can use a coffee maker to brew tea with loose tea leaves. Unless there are pervasive coffee traces in the coffee maker. To be determined.

I’ve challenged myself to write one positive thing about myself everyday for one year.

Self Esteem #39: I had the willpower to nap for a few hours and wake up at 3am so that I could do my chemistry hw. Usually, I’d be like, Egh, whatever, I don’t want to do it, I’m so comfy, I might as well go back to sleep, BUT, I really need AND WANT a perfect score on my next test to bring up my grade, so I’m really working hard. I spent four hours this morning working on a chapter O.o

Unfortunately, I didn’t finish, but I did absorb a good deal of material and it made me feel prepared for today’s class, kept me awake to go to the grocery store before my 8am class and buy toothpicks to make molecule models, which led me to find a great deal on tea (Celestial seasonings, 2 packs for $5! CHOMP!), and I got to go to Starbucks! Bad llama, I know, but I got a grande flavored latte and only had half, so that’s 70mg caffeine, 18 g sugar (about 6 sugar packets), and 75 calories (according to Starbucks), and I’ll have the rest later in the day. If it still tastes good. Might not :<

Anyway, I feel like I’ve started the day off right, I’m feeling kinda psyched to learn and memorize molecule shape and quantum mechanics and prove to myself and my prof that I can indeed retain this CRAZY information. Yay chemistry!

Aww Chemistry :-P

My tea! I’m gonna try the Madagascar Vanilla Rooibos today!

I’ve challenged myself to write one positive thing about myself everyday for one year. 

Self Esteem #26: I looked back at my posts and it seems that I’m behind by one day’s self esteem post, so here’s an extra post. I’m trying to think of what to write, and I’m mostly coming up with nice things other people have said about me. As nice as they are, I’m not sure I should count them because they’re other people’s validations of me, rather than me creating my own self worth. I’ve done at least a couple posts that were based on others’ opinions of me so I thought maybe I should go back and redo them, but I suppose this is a learning process, so it may not be necessary, but I’ll keep this in mind for the future.

Today I took a chance and bought a new type of tea I’ve never tried before. I guess now that I’m thinking about it, maybe I need new things and adventures often in order to be happy. I guess they range in scale, from moving across the country to trying a new tea. I was apprehensive because it’s called Hibiscus Spice and you never know with herbal teas, but I had tried iced hibiscus tea at work and liked it, so I took a chance. It wasn’t the greatest when hot, but I let it chill for 20 minutes and liked it better afterwards. 


Isn’t it BEAUTIFUL?!

Did you know I LOVE tea?