I found a really great organization to volunteer with. They’re called Tree People and they’re from Beverly Hills :-P But they do a lot of cool things. They had a day in Downtown LA where they workshops on how to take care of trees in English and Spanish and gave away free fruit trees. Here’s a picture of me clarifying what kind of tree the lady wanted :-P

They also have workshops at their center where they talked about rainwater collection, native plants care, community tree projects, etc. They have events every week and they have a lot of nice people :-)

I submitted my application to the Ecological Engineering BS program at Oregon State. I don’t know if I can afford it and I don’t know if my grades are good enough and I don’t know if I’d want to move again but I really wanted to try :-)

Today I learned I’ve been dealing with stains the wrong way :-P I’ve been scrubbing and using hot water, which apparently, you’re NOT supposed to do :-P 


IT APPEARS THAT I PASSED PHYSICS :-D I can’t believe it O.o I’m gonna have to do a lot of review these next couple weeks to move on to the next Physics course! I’M HAPPY!

Fall 2013: Passing

Spring 2014: ACING 

I made SOUP! Well, I guess it turned out to be more of a stew. I’m not super experienced with savory foods so when I wanted to make a soup for a sick vegetarian, I was pretty clueless. So I found this recipe, modified it a little bit and came out with this! 

It wasn’t the most delicious thing ever, but it didn’t taste bad, so I’m glad :-D

I made my own laundry detergent! I used this recipe here. I had to get washing soda from Amazon because I couldn’t find it anywhere in stores. So far so good, it doesn’t leave a strong smell on my clothes, so that’s cool, and I only need a tablespoon per load. I used Zote soap, but I think I might use a different kind next time; my roommate uses this nice smelling oatmeal soap. 

Today I did very badly on my exam. It isn’t that the test was hard, but I did not prepare well. It’s my own fault and this series of mistakes I’ve made may cause a huge damper on my plans and opportunities. So I’m going to use one of my self esteem posts to admit I really f*cked up. And this is the last time I will ever let this happen. I need to work on efficiency, motivation, and discipline. I’m not going to dwell on this; dwelling on past mistakes doesn’t help, I’m going to use this experience and I’m going to remember how terrible it feels to come up short when you know you can do so much better.

STARTING TODAY! I felt terrible so I didn’t want to go to the gym, but I forced myself to go, and I thought about using a low weight to clean and then jerk, but I made myself go ten lbs heavier and it was a great work out. 

I’m setting a reminder for a year from today to remind myself how important this is to me.

Self Esteem #123:

I made a great cup of coffee :3 I like it with a good spoonful of sugar and a liberal splash of half and half. A long time ago I had no clue how to make coffee or use a coffee maker. Recently, I realized you could just wrap from coffee ground in a filter and put it in a cup of hot water, like how you’d brew tea. Which makes me think that I can use a coffee maker to brew tea with loose tea leaves. Unless there are pervasive coffee traces in the coffee maker. To be determined.

Applied for a job at my CrossFit box :-D I’d love to have another job, especially somewhere close to home and a place I’m already comfortable and familiar with. I think it’d be a great place to work and expose CrossFit to new people! But who knows, I might not get the job because some staff might think I’m pretty shy and I’m not super in shape so I might not represent the ideal CrossFit image. No sense in not trying!

I went to my crossfit box :-) Sometimes I have to make sure I acknowledge my small victories :-P Today was rowing and thrusters, which means cleaning the barbell from the floor up to your shoulders, the squatting and then thrusting the barbell up above your head and locking your arms. I did 35 lbs, which I think is ok, but definitely looking forward to increasing the weight and thus improving strength :-) I still struggle with pullups and lifting my sister’s bike and putting it in the car :-P 

I’m glad I went and got a good work out, I’ve been sleeping through a lot of work outs bc of the cold weather so I have to work on breaking that habit. Cheers to another month of WOD’s :-)

Thruster demonstration video here :-) (She’s buff!)

I did some fun stuff for my sister’s birthday. I’ve never been good with gifts and birthday stuff, but I really wanted to do something fun for my sister’s 21st because she made my 21st birthday cute :-) So I gave her one of my baby morning glory plants—-which had just started curling around sticks toward the sky! 

And then I tricked her and brought her this sad failed chocolate zucchini bread that I was super bummed I messed up: 

But then I surprised her with a nice cake and her friends: 

I’m really glad I did something nice for her, she does so many nice things for me :-)

Self esteem #119:

A long time ago, but I forgot to mention it, I stuck with the concert orchestra and performed in the concert. I’m glad I did it and it was a great experience picking up my viola again and listening to music I wouldnt have otherwise learned about.

Self esteem #118:

Even though I don’t have my sewing machine, I felt compelled to make something, so I hand sewed a new pair of underwear! I felt weird about posting a picture of underwear but I’m proud of making it so I have a picture of one the seams :-P I know it’s ridiculous, BUT THEY’RE COMFY! I used a pair that I liked and made a pattern from it and then I used a stretchy Lycra fabric so I wouldn’t need to use elastic. They’re far from perfect but I really like them :-)

I submitted my application for a second bachelor’s at CSULB. Honestly, I’m pretty scared I won’t get in, but I know I definitely won’t get in if I don’t try. I don’t think I’ll be too crushed if I don’t, because I know I have a lot of things working against me, but who knows! We’ll see :-)

Self Esteem #116:

I finally got around to hiking the park near my house and it was pretty :-) but unfortunately not deserted.

I also tried to go running at a track, but they were all locked :<