I’ve challenged myself to write one positive thing about myself everyday for one year.

Self esteem #15: All of my limbs work well and I’ve never had to deal with a great deal of pain. I used to hear about a lot of disabled people at my old job and it made me realize I’m really lucky to have a healthy and functioning body.

I’ve challenged myself to write one positive thing about myself everyday for at least a year.

Self-Esteem #7: About a year ago, I made a conscious effort to eat better and exercise more than I have in my life. I’ve hit a lot rough patches, didn’t exercise as much as I should have, made unhealthy eating decisions, etc.

But, yesterday I weighed myself and at first, I couldn’t believe that I was at least 10 lbs lighter than I was a year ago. I was worried because I thought it was mostly a loss of muscle, rather than fat, since I couldn’t see an improvement in fitness or endurance. 

Later, I told my mom about it and she had taken my measurements a year ago so we compared; I had lost two inches from my waistline and two inches from my thigh circumference. Then I compared photos of me from a year ago and from now, and they proved that I have significantly reduced my body fat since last year. 

I’m glad I’ve made progress and here’s to an even leaner and stronger body in 2013.


I found a blog about someone who spent a year without using new plastic and it’s crazy all the things they couldn’t use. So I liked this post a lot about storing food without plastic.


How to Store Vegetables Without Plastic

So you’ve got all these great fruits and vegetables and now we’re going to help you keep them at their freshest with these tips. These tips are from the Berkley Farmer’s Market which is a Zero Waste market! Here is a printable PDF of their original tip sheet. In the works here at Washington’s Green Grocer is a switch from plastic bags (although we use as few as we can get away with, while still keeping your produce from getting battered on it’s way to you) to only recyclable paper and reuseable cloth bags!  

How to Store Vegetables without Plastic…

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"Challenge myself to write one positive thing about myself everyday for at least a year."

Not sure what to say today. Hmmm. Ok, how about this:

Self-Esteem #2: I’m trying to eat healthy and while it’s a work in progress, I’ve significantly reduced the amount of processed food and animal products in my diet. I don’t want these in my cells anymore: