Super useful! I’ve used it as a hair conditioner and deodorant and vegetable oil substitute in baking and so far it’s working out pretty well :-) 

So I didn’t want to buy sketchy expensive wax from the pharmacy anymore so I thought I’d try this DIY wax made of honey, sugar, and lemon juice AND IT ACTUALLY WORKS! Here’s the link

Today I learned I’ve been dealing with stains the wrong way :-P I’ve been scrubbing and using hot water, which apparently, you’re NOT supposed to do :-P 


I made my own laundry detergent! I used this recipe here. I had to get washing soda from Amazon because I couldn’t find it anywhere in stores. So far so good, it doesn’t leave a strong smell on my clothes, so that’s cool, and I only need a tablespoon per load. I used Zote soap, but I think I might use a different kind next time; my roommate uses this nice smelling oatmeal soap. 

Ahaha, much appreciated :-) There are just so many fun tutorials, I don’t see why I can’t make my own stuff :-D Perhaps you’d enjoy this post about mini DIY holiday gifts!

They have a link to a tutorial on these mini candles!

Self Esteem #83: I jazzed up my bedsheets! They were white and had stains which drive me crazy so I wanted to try to hide them by tie dying them! It was fun!

First, here they are with the dye wet:

Then here they are dry and on my bed!

Learned that I should let the dye set by drying, not by keeping the fabric wet. Also, this should have been obvious, but while they’re wet, the dye is still going to bleed; so next time I’ll dye, dry/set for 24 hours, then run under water to let all the dye out and then machine wash/dry. I also dyed some white undies and socks, but they don’t look as impressive :-D Now I want to dye some white shorts I have! Till next time!

Self Esteem #74: I made my own fitted bedsheet! I used the tutorial here and it doesn’t look awesome, but it’s much more functional than the flat sheet it used to be! 

I’ve challenged myself to write one positive thing about myself everyday, but I have a lot of days to catch up on.

Self Esteem #55

Today I really wanted pancakes and I resisted going to this awesome (but overpriced) pancake place by my house and instead made my own pancakes! It was the first time I had ever made pancakes, and they came out pretty well :-D It was another little reminder of how useful DIY can be :-)

I’ve challenged myself to write one positive thing about myself everyday for one year.

Self Esteem #45: Even though I was busy, I made time for something I love: remixing clothes! I took some 8 year old light wash flare jeans that I wasn’t really going to wear again and I used them to try out a tutorial I had posted here on cut off jean shorts with ombre. They didn’t come out exactly how I wanted, but I’m glad I tried it out so I can do it better next time :-D Here are photos!



Maybe I’ll try these next!

I’ve challenged myself to write one positive thing about myself everyday for one year. One month down!

Self Esteem #31: I finally took out my sewing machine and fixed some old jeans that were laying around my room waiting for me. I suppose I should’ve done homework, but I think I probably would’ve found another way to procrastinate. Anyway, these jeans were the perfect wash, but I got them a few years ago and they used to be flared, but I hastily made them straight/skinny without measuring/planning/finishing properly, and they fit me a tiny bit too loose a few years ago, so now they swamped me, so I had a lot of work to do.

I had to take off most of the waist band, the top parts of the belt loops and a whole belt loop, separate the two parts of the waistband, guess how much to cut out of the waist band, trim the waistband, sew the waistband to the new length, use the new pants width that I had done a few weeks ago and fit them to the waistband, sew it over about four times by machine, go over a few places by hand, put back the belt loops by hand, replace my needle, figure out an awkward fit around the knee, UNDO A TON OF STITCHING, and finally zig zag stitch the edges to keep them from fraying. Plus figure out how to darn jeans because there was a hole about to happen so I wanted to preempt it. Here they are, looking kinda plain on my desk, but they look really nice when I’m wearing them :-D I guess I saved myself some money from buying new jeans and gained more sewing experience :-D But now I’m tired and want to sleep instead of do hw. Oh well!


Edit: Tried them on the next day and one leg was tighter than the other :-< I guess I’ll use the jeans as scrap fabric now