I’ve challenged myself to write one positive thing about myself everyday for at least a year.

Self-Esteem #7: About a year ago, I made a conscious effort to eat better and exercise more than I have in my life. I’ve hit a lot rough patches, didn’t exercise as much as I should have, made unhealthy eating decisions, etc.

But, yesterday I weighed myself and at first, I couldn’t believe that I was at least 10 lbs lighter than I was a year ago. I was worried because I thought it was mostly a loss of muscle, rather than fat, since I couldn’t see an improvement in fitness or endurance. 

Later, I told my mom about it and she had taken my measurements a year ago so we compared; I had lost two inches from my waistline and two inches from my thigh circumference. Then I compared photos of me from a year ago and from now, and they proved that I have significantly reduced my body fat since last year. 

I’m glad I’ve made progress and here’s to an even leaner and stronger body in 2013.


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